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Release Notes

Release Video

v6.2.18 - 2023/11/15

Main Additions

  • Added HTTP Request event and HTTP Response action. Tasker can now be a web server! Demo. Demo For Only On Wifi. Video Tutorial for Remote Voice Messages.
  • Added Matter Light (Experimental) action that allows you to toggle Matter compatible lights on or off, change its color and change its brightness. Demo for toggling. Demo for color and brightness.
  • Added Get Network Info action that gives you a whole bunch of info about your current networks. Demo
  • Added Work Profile action that allows you to toggle your Work Profile apps on or off. Demo
  • Added Work Profile state. Demo
  • Added notification showing the tasks that are currently running. As with all notifications, you can turn them off by long-clicking them and configuring them. Demo
  • Added ability to be launched as a the default Notes App on Android 14, allowing you to have a custom lock screen shortcut that does whatever you want. Demo
  • Added option to copy and paste conditions from Tasker actions and Tasker conditions. Demo
  • Added option to add a task as a home screen shortcut from the Task Edit screen. Demo
  • Added Convert Into If Block and Convert If Block To Single Action options when long-selecting appropriate actions in a task. Demo
  • Added Time Zone option to Parse/Format DateTime action so that you can get the time in different time zones. Demo
  • Added built-in System variables in the variable select list so they are easier to use. Demo
  • Added behaviour where when you re-select an action, the If conditions will be kept if they exist. Demo
  • Better Value Select Helper UX. Demo

Other Additions

  • Added Time Zone option to Pick Input Dialog action
  • Added User Agent option in Scene WebView elements
  • Added Comments section in Task and Project property screens
  • Added Project/Profile/Task comments to exported descriptions
  • Added magnifying glass helper to Variable Set and Multiple Variable Set helper so that you can easily input any of the types of values of the Pick Input Dialog action directly (time, date, wifi, contact, etc)
  • Added ability to select any of the types of values avaiable in the Pick Input Dialog action in If conditions in the various Tasker actions and conditions.
  • Added new outputs to Get Battery Info action that can be gotten on Android 14+
  • When you delete a task (including tasks when deleting a project) that's referenced by the Perfom Task action in other tasks, Tasker will now warn you that the task is referenced.
  • Added %gl_time_taken_millis variable to Get Location v2 action that tells you how much time was taken to get your location
  • Added Continue Task On Error option to Perform Task and Profile Status actions
  • Added Scene as an option in the Pick Input Dialog helper and the above mentioned helpers
  • Added Notification Post permission request in the main Tasker app so that it works on Android 13+.


  • Updated Target API to 33. This could break stuff. Let me know if it does.
  • Made Bluetooth action use Tasker Settings app to toggle bluetooth
  • Made Network Access action use Tasker Settings app to toggle Network Access
  • Changed Test Net > Local Network IP Address to also return an array with all the various current IPs (there could be more than one at a time). Demo
  • Changed Intent Received event so that intent extras that are Bundles are output as a JSON object instead of Bundle.toString()
  • Changed behaviour of Pick Input Dialog where if the display is turned off while it is showing and Continue Task After Error is enabled, it will not end in error
  • Changed permission needed for Wifi Connected and Wifi Near conditions to NEARBY\_WIFI\_DEVICES if you're on Android 13+
  • Changed permission needed for certain file related operations from READ\_EXTERNAL\_STORAGE to¬† READ\_MEDIA\_VIDEO, READ\_MEDIA\_AUDIO and READ\_MEDIA\_IMAGES if you're on Android 13+
  • Made Running Tasks screen show larger cards for tasks so you can read the task names better in some situations
  • Tweaked Tasker license checking so it works better in various situations
  • Tweaked some text sizes in the UI
  • Updated the version of a lot of libraries (jetpack compose, navigation and others)
  • When a task is launched from a Flash tap, appropriately update the %caller variable
  • When a Search action from Google Assistant comes in just run the task with the given name instead of showing a dialog
  • When you select a file from an SD Card folder, remember that selection so the next time you browse files it starts at that folder
  • If a lock code is set, ask for it before stopping all tasks with the Running Tasks notification or the Running Tasks Monitoring screen
  • Made plugin actions able to not be ran in the foreground and reuse Tasker's own foreground status to run them


  • Fixed Google Maps URL for Get Location v2 and Pick Location action outputs
  • Fixed Out of Memory errors in some situations
  • Fixed Input Dialog action resulting in error in some situations
  • Fixed Network Access action showing a warning sign when specifying an app by name
  • Fixed Set Variable Structure Type action where it wasn't allowing you to use variables for the type
  • Fixed JSON reading in some niche situations
  • Fixed Tasker shortcuts in some situations
  • Fixed asking for Body Sensor permissions on Android 13+
  • Fixed bug with %arr($?search) operation in some situations
  • Fixed connecting to another Android device through Bluetooth Tethering
  • Fixed crash with Get Network Info action on older Android devices
  • Fixed error message that showed up in Tasker logs after using the Bluetooth action
  • Fixed issue that was slowing down Tasker in some situations
  • Fixed issue where App Factory apps wouldn't include icons used in custom Tasker flash actions
  • Fixed issue where Tasker couldn't get file access permissions on some devices
  • Fixed issue where sometimes local variables wouldn't be available in scenes in certain situations
  • Fixed issue with license checking in certain situations
  • Fixed direct-purchase validation in some situations
  • Fixed an issue that rendered Tasker backup data unusable after configuring certain malformed plugin actions.
  • Fixed issue with querying apps with the App Info action (getting full info) in some situations
  • Fixed issue with direct-purchase license releasing
  • Fixed issue where if you used multiple Parse/Format DateTime actions in a row, previous results would be sometimes kept
  • Fixed kid apps not having the project/profile/task variables correctly initialized in certain situations
  • Tried fixing Project/Profile/Task variables resetting sometimes
  • Fixed logic when license checking with Google Play needs to be retried because of lack of network connection or something similar
  • Fixed long-running issue where sometimes, in certain situations, some actions could get stuck indefinitely
  • Fixed saving comments in Projects in some situations
  • Fixed Pick Input Dialog action for Text and Number types
  • Fixed Array Process Squash action in certain situations
  • Fixed showing all settings in Custom Setting action helper, even if settings have a null value
  • Fixed using system color for the icon in Notify actions instead of White by default
  • Fixed showing project variables in variable select list sometimes
  • Fixed some condition plugins not working
  • Fixed some inconsistencies when using the Clear Variable with Project/Profile/Task variables
  • Fixed time outs when calling some plugin actions
  • Fixed using local media icons for kid apps
  • Tried Fixing Bluetooth Connection > Connect in some situations
  • Fixed issue where scanning NFC tags in certain situations could result in Tasker crashing
  • Don't automatically show Pick File or Pick Directory actions in Pick Input Dialog action in some situations
  • Fixed some crashes