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Direct Purchase FAQ

What is the direct-purchase version good for?

The direct-purchase version of Tasker has a licensing system that works independently of Google Play.

In short, if you don't have a Google account on your phone, this version's for you!.

How can I purchase the direct purchase version?

You can in these situations (each license is $4):

  • Bulk Orders: 25 or more licenses. (contact me via the email address listed here)
  • Patreon Supporters: check here. Your lifetime support on Patreon will grant you 1 license per each $4 support. For example, if your lifetime support on Patreon is $16 you get access to 4 direct-purchase licenses.

Otherwise you cannot, because there is a large overhead for me as a single developer to handle individual orders.

Are licenses per device?

Yes. If you have multiple devices you'll need multiple accounts.

Do license expire?

They do not.

How do I install the Direct-Purchase version ?

Download it here.

Which AutoApps are available as direct-purchase versions?

Check here.

I purchased the direct-purchase version a long time ago, but my license doesn't work on new Tasker versions. What can I do?

I acquired Tasker recently, but unfortunately I couldn't keep Tasker's old direct purchase licensing mechanism (the server belongs to the old owner), so I had to come up with a new one. You have 3 options:
  1. You can backup your data, uninstall Tasker and then re-install it from Google Play
  2. You can purchase a new direct purchase license from me and use a special direct purchase version of Tasker that I'll send you. A new license is $4. Check above for how to purchase.
  3. If you really want to, and you still have the old license, I can issue a license with the new direct purchase system so you can continue to use it. Please note though, that you first purchased Tasker many years ago, and I didn't get the revenue from that, so it would be great if you could support Tasker's development a bit more by purchasing this upgrade :)

Will I be notified of updates?

You will not. You will get a special download link when you purchase the licenses. The same link will always contain the latest update.

What if I have to reinstall Tasker from scratch on the same phone ?

After download and install, Tasker should should revalidate itself automatically (with an Internet connection). It should be able to retrieve the order code from the SD card.

Is Tasker transferrable to other devices ?

Each order code is valid for one device at one time. If you know you are moving to a new device, you can 'release' your order code via Menu / More / Order Validation / Release Code. The code will then be free to be entered in Tasker on your new device.

What if I have a new phone ?

If you still have the old phone:
  • release your code with Menu / More / Order Validation / Release Key
  • backup your profiles to SD with Menu / Data / Backup
On the new phone:
  • download and install Tasker
  • put the code in the box at Menu / More / Order Validation.
  • restore your old profile (if saved): Menu / Data / Restore

If you don't have your old phone anymore you will need to contact the developer to get the code released (include the code in your request!)

And what if I upgrade my ROM ?

Your device ID might change. You may wish to temporarily release your code via Menu / More / Order Validation / Release Code, and then revalidate after the upgrade.

If you had an SD card in the device when you validated, Tasker should have remembered and restored your key the first time you start the UI after the ROM change.

What information does Tasker send during validation ?

Order code, Device ID, Tasker Version, Android version.

I don't know my code anymore, how can I find it?

Contact me on Patreon and I'll be able to help you out.

I get 'The server reports an internal error' when validating, what can I do ?

The most likely cause of this error is a 'proxy' server in-between Tasker and the valiadation/market server. It's probably not actually the validation server returning the error.

Nearly all users have gotten around this by using a wifi connection to validate instead of a Mobile Data connection.

Why is Tasker suddenly complaining this it's not validated / Why is my update check failing ?

If you had previously successfully validated, the most likely reason is that you've used a backup program recently which has not correctly restored all of the data.

Have a look in Menu / More / Order Validation. If no code is shown in the box, you should update to the latest Tasker version.

Now you need to enter your validation code and click the Validate button (which will appear once you start entering the code).

Can I switch my Play Store licence to a Direct-Purchase licence?

Sorry, no. The direct-purchase version uses a licensing server that I need to maintain myself, so I need to cover the costs for it somehow.

Can I switch my Direct-Purchase licence to a Play Store version ?

Sorry, no. The only way to get a Play Store licence is to purchase via Play Store.

Are there any differences between the Play Store and Direct-Purchase versions of Tasker, functionality wise?

These are the current differences:

  • The Direct-Purchase version allows you to toggle Wifi and open APKs without the additional Tasker Settings app
  • The Direct-Purchase version has some encryption related actions that the Play Store version doesn't have.

Are there any differences between the Play Store and Direct-Purchase versions of AutoApps, functionality wise?

These are the current differences:

  • AutoNotification's Buttons notification can fill in the entire notification space on the Direct-Purchase version, whereas the Play Store version will show a frame around it