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Bugs / Limitations

  • cooldown counters are zerod by a change in the date or time backwards to prior to the last profile activation
  • multiple profiles activating simultaneously: settings with conditions may override the same setting in another task even when it eventually isn't executed because the condition fails
  • monitor vars: will not be picked up in task C, when task A calls task B which calls Task C
  • deletion of widgets does not stop any relevant monitoring (due to variables) until the next monitor restart
  • each application widget icon used will take up about 5k extra on the device, due to caching to work around an Android bug.
  • monitoring of SMS and CALL variables is not disabled if all corresponding profiles needing them are disabled, until the monitor is next restarted
  • the Dialer and Contacts activities cannot be differentiated. A Context for either of them will also activate for the other.
  • long widget names do not scroll with focus
  • keyguard disable: occasionally the notification pulldown may freeze when using this feature on some devices/OSs
  • renaming tasks/profiles: actions which refer to the task/profile name in anonymous widget tasks are not automatically renamed
  • Donut Android bug: when an application is exited with the home key, it's several seconds before a subsequent action in Tasker which involves launching an application takes place.
  • deleting Tasker does not delete it's Home screen widgets (this is a current limitation of Android)
  • custom icons sometimes overlap in the icon select window
  • multiple HTML entities (&xxx;, <, >) in strings are replaced with & when the profiles are saved
  • if a Time Context has a repeat count, every repeat reduces the profile repeat count (if it has one set)
  • applying a setting via a menu-type enter task will not result in the previous setting being restored when the profile deactivates
  • coming from device off: action take photo: the screen will not come on if the keyguard is enabled
  • changes made to Profile Properties repeat count occur even if the cancel button is pressed in the Profile Edit screen